What we do

Hinze Communications identifies with its clients the range of different stakeholders that have an impact on their business through periods of both opportunity and distress. It builds programmes to help manage the client’s reputation with those stakeholders and links them to business development where it is appropriate.

Typical stakeholder groups might include clients and potential clients, referrers of work, partners, employees, suppliers, the media in all its different aspects, regulators, special interest and political action groups, litigants and politicians.

Potential programs might involve the development of a client’s strategic marketing positioning and brand reputation; mergers, acquisitions and dispersals; creating key messages and briefings for stakeholders; development of market-facing thought leadership and research-based commentary; media relations; issue and litigation management.

Hinze Communications also works with in-house teams that deliver professional advice to internal clients in a corporation. Such teams would include general counsel and tax directors.

As with professionals in private practice, projects undertaken would include identifying the range of different stakeholders that the professionals are involved with. Stakeholder groups might include senior management, internal business units and external advisers.

Potential programs might include conducting audits among business units to assess the reputation and service provided by in-house professionals, reviewing the number of external advisers used and the range of services they provide, creating and managing a tendering process for external advisers, advising on the communication aspects of projects undertaken by in-house professional teams such as litigation or restructurings, and creating external communication programs to position in-house professionals as thought leaders in their particular industry sectors or markets.